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Belt "Keeperbelt" / The buckle with knives of Kotelnikov «KEEPERBELT».

Buckle-knife of Kotelnikov. Model No. 02. The most innovative buckle-knife in the world..

If necessary, thanks to the patented mechanism for locking the spring-loaded blades and removing them by turning the locking disc, in just a fraction of a second, with a single movement of your hand, you remove two double-edged knives hidden inside the belt…

The body and blades are made of high-quality stainless steel to provide protection against corrosion and blunting of the cutting edge.

It is equipped with a belt made of high-quality cowhide chrome or vegetable tanned leather and a storage and carrying bag made of leather. Delivers in a branded gift box.

Decorated with laser engraving on metal or deep engraving and etching on brass or steel pads welded to the body by laser welding.

Blades are certified. They are not cold weapon.

It is up to You how to use. As the life situation forces... Ingenious solution to ensure Your safety in the event of a sudden need.

Brilliant idea that will serve You in many situations.

You can view and order Kotelnikov's knife-buckle, also known as the "Guardian" belt, on our website.

Look, choose, maybe you want for yourself or give it to someone!